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Our Story

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Decades in the making.

TumbleKick is the culmination of Taekwondo world champion Master Kim's three-decade legacy in the Los Angeles fitness industry.


Born in Seoul, Korea, Master Kim was introduced to the art of Taekwondo at a very early age. After moving to Los Angeles and becoming a highly respected competitor, he went on to represent the US at a world championship hosted in Korea and won gold. He continued to maintain his presence in the competitive scene as a noted coach, all while ascending the ranks as an instructor and eventually a master. 


After studying, sparring, and working alongside experts in Hapkido, Karate, and Kung Fu, Master Kim mindfully cultivated a new set of Poomsae (forms) and techniques that reflect his traditional Taekwondo background as well as his drive for innovation.


After opening and operating two locations of The Beverly Hills Martial Arts Center for decades, Master Kim established TumbleKick in Studio City in 2013.

As a new paradigm of children's Martial Arts, TumbleKick Taekwondo seamlessly incorporates tumbling and gymnastics for a more rounded, fun, and dynamic experience.


Since its inception, TumbleKick has also become home to the TK Gymnastics program, which reflects the dynamic yet disciplined approach to fitness that Master Kim has refined over the decades.

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