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Spring Schedule

Age Groups:
WIND — 3-4        FIRE — 5-7        METAL — 8-13 


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*Sparring - No New Students; Must Attend At Least One Other Regular Class, 

*Weapons — +$15 Fee OR free thru Unlimited Membership. Bring nunchucks.


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*Fire Beginner II - Forward Roll and Cartwheel Required 

*Fire Intermediate (Int) - Ask For Instructor Approval

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Sessions may be used for any Taekwondo or Gymnastics session at your convenience (unless specified otherwise).


MAKE-UP POLICY: Sessions expire at the end of the week and do not roll over. If you would like a make-up class, please request via email or in person. The number of make-up classes allowed per membership is specified below. Make-up classes may only be issued if there is an active membership. 

Monthly Memberships:
​1 Session Per Week 

2 Sessions Per Week

3 Sessions Per Week


2 Make-Up Classes 

3 Make-Up Classes 

$175 (~$35 Per Class) 

$260 (~$29 Per Class) 

$310 (~$24 Per Class)

$350 (~$16 Per Class) 

No Make-Up Classes 

Wind (TKD/GYM) & Fire I (GYM) ONLY

Up-Front Discounts:
4 Months

8 Months



7% - Free Taekwondo Uniform ($75)

10% - Free Taekwondo Uniform 
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